Flash – the Teeny Tiny Turtle


Flash – The Teeny-Tiny Turtle

Soft-cover children’s book

A delightful story of fun, friendship and kindness across cultures.

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Children and adults alike will enjoy this delightful story based on a true story from the Jolly Jungle.

Order your copy now of Book #1 in Lynne Castelijn’s “Jungle Kids Adventure” series! Meet two friends from very different worlds who learn about the gift of giving, friendship, fun, languages and kindness across cultures.

With beautiful and insightful illustrations from Filipino digital artist Chappy Aguilar, this 32 page soft-cover book celebrates childhood, third-culture kids, missionary kids, different language and cultures. A wonderful read for children of all ages and cultures as they expand their worldview.

Join Pikpik, Stevie and Flash as they tell their story in a book designed to fit into suitcases and bags as families travel the world … and created to sit comfortably on laps as you read to your child, or hold it up for them – or groups – to read.

The Banwaon Children’s Higher Education initiative receives part of all proceeds from book sales so indigenous children like Pikpik have an opportunity to attend college.

Our copies sell out fast, so be sure to purchase your copy today!

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