It seems rather audacious to have a page entitled “Books”.

As in, plural.

Let’s call it “faith”!

For now, I am delighted to present my first (and, as of yet, only) children’s book ….

I never planned to write a children’s book.

Mind you, with our four lively offspring and their somewhat unusual life in the Jolly Jungle, there are no shortage of stories!

Then late 2022 something beautiful happened.

My energetic boy, who kept me on my toes from the moment he was born, and who is now a grown-up man, had his own little boy.

Our first grandchild.

And suddenly, I wanted to be sure this little person would know all the stories about his daddy and his aunties and uncle.

They’d had such a wonderful childhood.

I can only pray the same for our grandson.

So, Mr J, here is the first story – Flash – The Teeny-Tiny Turtle (We’ll let everyone else read it too, shall we? They might just have to wait a little longer while we get this internet shopping thing sorted out – stay tuned!)

PS Mr J – the next story about your Aunty Sara is well underway.

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